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Saying Goodbye to Sorrel

Earlier today, like her brother Rusty who passed nearly a year ago, Sorrel was peacefully laid to sleep in my arms at Chappelle Small Animal Hospital in Fort Collins. As you might imagine, saying goodbye to Sorrel was heart-wrenching. A month ago, she celebrated her 15th birthday and for most of 2021 Sorrel was in fairly good health: still taking short runs/walks on the prairie once a week (sometimes with both Arnie and me) and able to walk to the park (on her leash) twenty minutes or so each morning. Then a few months ago Sorrel’s back hip began weakening and her stumbling increased. This past week was increasingly difficult for her though Sorrel’s spirit and resolve remained strong: drinking water, taking dog biscuits and allowing me to support her when trying to walk. Sorrel could no longer stand or walk on her own (I helped as much as I could) and we all knew it was time. She’ll be greatly missed. Below is an iMovie posted on YouTube shortly after Rusty’s passing and a few photos I’ll always cherish.

 Joyful Seven (19:05)

Sorrel Day 2006-2021
Sorrel & Andy, January 2007 – Laramie, Wyoming
Rusty, Sorrel & Trapper Christmas 2012 – Laramie, Wyoming
Trapper, Rusty & Sorrel, Neighborhood Watch, Spring 2016 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel at 12 weeks (2007) – Laramie, Wyoming
Michael & Sorrel, Easter 2011 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel in her Living Room Fort, November 2021 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel Portrait, 2008 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel & Susan, January 2007 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel, November Snow, Undine Park 2021 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel, November Snow, Undine Park 2021 – Laramie, Wyoming
Sorrel Resting with Andy’s Stuff Cow, December 15, 2021 – Laramie, Wyoming
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  1. Martin Agran #


    I am sorry to hear. Your pictures are wonderful.


    December 16, 2021
  2. Paul Taylor #

    So sorry to hear this Michael. She was a unique beauty. I know you will deeply miss her as you have each and every one of them.

    Sent from my iPhone


    December 16, 2021

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