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1000 Days of Travel

Greetings all

Hope you’re all healthy and successfully weathering the new virus. Like most of you, I have plenty of unplanned stays at home recently and had to reschedule planned trips (postponed Australia visit until 2021 and postponed annual Yellowstone adventure until next month, hopefully). So, I had time to take some of the blog idea to YouTube; thus far placing five short videos on YouTube (seems a length of 12-16 minutes works, let me know if you agree). On my YouTube channel, I plan to continue linking the benefits of Adult Education to Wonder, Curiosity, Adventure and Travel. To date, I’ve had the good fortune to visit five of seven continents, spending (at last calculation – lots of time these days for calculations) over 1000 days traveling and exploring new sites, often in new countries (42 countries visited thus far). That’s roughly 20 days of travel a year for the past 50 years. How and why would I spend that amount of time traveling? Answering the “how” part of the question is easy: it helps that Susan (who’s been part of my life since 1971) also enjoys traveling, that my job provided ample time for travel, and that not having children we had additional resources and discretionary time. Answering the “why travel” part of the question is more difficult. At times, I feel like a travel junkie (experiencing first-hand the harsh and uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal lately), but that isn’t all bad. There is something about the excitement surrounding a good dose of travel in one’s lie. Though travel tends to inform, broaden one’s world-view, increases openness to novelty and to others, and remains a cornerstone to learning throughout life, travel also thrills and animates life; it has for me. Below are links to my first YouTube videos.

Countries Visited

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Arusha Pickleball:

51 Works in American Adult Education:

Seven Yellowstone Hot Spots:

Galápagos Islands:

Kilimanjaro Trek:


Photo used at end of YouTube videos – taken by Matt Caires (River Lodge, Tanzania, June 2009)