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Greetings and best wishes for 2021. Unfortunately, I begin the new year with a sad announcement. Shortly before Christmas, Rusty passed; he no longer kept food down, was losing weight, and growing week. We tried a few things but nothing worked, and after many sleepless nights it was time. We miss him greatly, as does his sister Sorrel, but Rusty managed to live a long life (14 years, not bad for a Springer). When I began sensing we’d soon lose Rusty, I started a YouTube video celebrating the lives of all seven of our Springers. The video is now complete and can be viewed at

On the bright side, 2020 and the Trump reign, are finally over. Let’s hope the virus is soon controlled, decency and forward thinking return to government, and days of social distancing and wearing a mask are soon behind us.

For those who knew Rusty, what follows are a few photos.