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Visions of Yellowstone

Greetings and belated happy new year,

Hope 2018 treated you well. Finally, into February so the coldest Laramie month is behind us; now we eagerly anticipate spring (sort of) just a few long months away. On a more comforting note, just completed a new iMovie on Yellowstone. Thought that after exploring the park for nearly twenty years (hiking and backpacking hundreds of miles) it was time to finish cataloging all my photos and attempt to gather the best and create something new —only twenty-four minutes long. Below are a few photo collages that introduce sections of the iMovie. The announcement for premier showing of “Visions of Yellowstone” is scheduled for Monday, 5:45pm, February 18th at the Eppson Center in Laramie.b.Visions Yellowstone Presentation Announcement (Feb 18th) The focus of my remarks after the showing include: why and when to visit the park; where to go and what to see in the park; and how to hike and overnight camp in the park. If you’re in town join us.