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Safari Yearnings

Greetings all,

Hope winter’s been kind to you but sort of doubt it.  What all this Laramie snow and cold does do, for me anyway, is increases my longing for summer and for another return trip to East Africa – this will be my 9th wildlife safari adventure to East Africa.  A few of you might remember that at the conclusion of my fifth safari to East Africa (in 2011), I gathered together some safari photos, wrote some descriptive information on a variety of mammal and bird species, and assembled a 108-page book “East Africa Wildlife Safari: A Photo Journal”.  After my safari in 2013 I considered updating the book; it’s finally done.  The new book “Wildlife Safari: A Photo Journal” includes another 20 species of wildlife and many new photos.  It also includes a Foreword by my two favorite safari guides: Vicky Simbeye and Peter Nanyaro.  I’ve attached a sample of the book (pages 1-30)  (Part I) Wildlife Safari (pages 1-30 )  and am currently having ten copies printed. It’s expensive to print locally (over $35.00 a copy) and am looking for a publisher (perhaps oversees). Will keep you posted and if any of you would like to purchase a colored copy let me know. Below are copies of both the front and back cover.



ForpdfInside Back Cover (2) copy

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  1. Donna Hambrick #

    Yes Sir, I would like to order 2 of your lovely photo journal. Do I get a family discount?

    February 20, 2019

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