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Goodbye Summer


Always hard to say goodbye to summer, but it is what it is.  Winter is in the air!  A few weeks ago six inches of snow fell in Laramie but it melted quickly; now we’re preparing for the real thing — the first lasting snow tends to fall on Halloween, which is only two days away.  As noted in the last blog we had a busy summer.  Since then Susan returned to work — she accepted a nice position with the Wyoming Community Foundation  And I continue to catalog photos — I took over 10,000 photos this summer and each must be cataloged 😦

Beginning in a few weeks Artisans’ Gallery will display some of my recent “In and Around Yellowstone” photos.  They’ll be in the gallery through the holidays so if you’re in town drop by (  (Some of the photos are presented below.)  It seems the gallery may also display some of my Snowy Range photos.

And, sort of for the holidays, I’ve designed a few “collage” greeting cards and posters that are now available for purchase: 5×7 greeting cards for $3.00 (2 for $5.00) and 18×24 posters for $40.00 … can also mail for a slight additional cost … great gifts for the holidays … contact me … always nice to hear from you anyway!  (The collage photos are also presented below.)

Pet Photography photos also available – another great holiday gift  … feeling like a real huckster these days.

Stay warm,







5Dll*6487WestThumbYNP'12(7.5x5,cpywrt)Black Pool, West Thumb Geyser Basin – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

5Dll*7207TowerFallsYNP'12(7.5x5,cpywrt)Tower Fall – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

5Dll*8028MooseEatgLeaves'12(7.5x5,cpywrt)Moose – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

5Dll*c6481MesaFalls'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Upper Mesa Falls – Mesa Falls State Park, Idaho

5Dll*d4927BisonYNP'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Bison, Hayden Valley – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

5Dll*d5973NorrisBasinYNP'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Porcelain Basin, Norris Geyser Basin – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

5Dll*d7059Brown'sPk(7.5x5,cpywrt)Medicine Bow Peak from Brown’s Peak – Snowy Range, Wyoming

5Dllb9575Bison&CalfYNP'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Bison and calf – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

5Dllc0005TrumpSwansYNP'13(5.5x5.5,cpywrt)Trumpeter swans – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

5Dllc7204Griz&Cubs(5.5x5.5,cpywrt)Grizzly bear and cubs – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

5Dllc7209Griz&Cubs(7.5x5,cpywrt)Grizzly bear and cubs – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming