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First Post (March 9, 2012)

This is my first post.  I spent the month of February creating this blog — a great project to occupy my time during an initial month of retirement.  I’m liking how it is coming together but still have lots to learn.  As I note on the Home Page:  the purpose of this blog is to share thoughts regarding the central place of “wonder” in adult education.  The blog especially promotes and celebrates the value of spending time out doors and traveling – both excellent vehicles for maintaining “wonder” throughout life.  In the blog this is done in a variety of ways but primarily via writings and photographs.  The blog has been organized around six main sections: Adult Education (writings related to some adult education themes); Photographs (included are some of my favorite photographs); Posts (periodic updates and ramblings); Travel (highlights from some recent adventures); Up and Coming (announcements related to up and coming events/travels); and Wonder (a collection of some very special critters and places).  I hope to add to the blog a few times each month — a retirement journal of sorts.  If questions occur while reading sections of the blog please feel free to provide a comment or contact me directly (Contact).