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Season Greetings! (2022)

Hope the year treated you well and you managed to stay healthy. Fall was a busy time in Laramie; I returned to the classroom in September, teaching a few beginner-level English as a Second Language courses for our local community college (up to 18 hours a week, a bit more than planned), Susan continued with her tennis, and the boys got a lot of prairie outings. For a few months I had no lower leg issues and began running again but a recent flare-up changed that, and I need to visit with my orthopedic physician once again. Let’s hope for the best. Next month I finally depart for a 10-day Antarctica cruise – an adventure a long time coming. But Susan won’t join me – too cold, she believes she’s already living in Antarctica just without the penguins and ice bergs – so she’ll stay home with Lincoln and Ridge who celebrate their first birthday December 19th. Fortunately, Laramie recently opened Elevation Pet Resort (a doggie day and night camp) so Susan can get some time away from the boys. Don’t have many photos to share but will attach a holiday greeting card. Best wishes for 2023!

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