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Egypt with Abercrombie and Kent

In March 2012 Susan and I traveled with Abercrombie and Kent to Egypt.  In part this trip celebrated Susan’s 60th birthday and in part this trip was on our travel docket for over 35 years.  In fall 2010 (just a few months before the January 2011 revolution in Egypt) we booked our dream trip with Abercrombie and Kent (A&K).  Susan and I especially liked one of A&K’s boats (the Sun Boat lll), the thought of spending seven days cruising the Nile River, and nearly everything we read about the 12 day “Pharaohs & Pyramids” itinerary; we were not disappointed.  The A&K program generally exceeded all our expectations, our 18 travel companions were a joy to be with, our Cairo hosts were extremely patient and helpful, the Sun Boat lll and it’s crew were outstanding (better than outstanding), and our guide and Egyptologist, Mrs. Azza Ammar, was a pure delight. 

Abercrombie & Kent Sun Boat lll  (an elegant and intimate 18 cabin Nile cruise boat with a superb staff)

With Susan is Azza Ammar (our wonderful Egyptologist and guide) and Ayman Shawky (one of the friendly and helpful A&K Cairo tour coordinators)

Elsewhere in this blog I share a collection of photos and memories from this grand adventure: The Nile and Egyptian Pyramids.  Below are a few photos from “unexpected” pleasures experienced during the trip — visits to ten fascinating temples situated on or close to the Nile River: Abu Simbel, Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, Karnak, Hetshepsut, Luxor, Abydos, and Denderah.

 Colossal seated statues of 19th Dynasty King Ramesses ll (1279-1213 BC), Great Temple of Abu Simbel – Abu Simbel, Egypt

Queen Nefertari’s Temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor (Queen Nefertari was King Ramesses ll’s favorite wife) – Abu Simbel, Egypt

Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis – Island of Agilika, Egypt

Gateway through the first pylon (outer temple wall) with reliefs of the Egyptian goddess Isis, Temple of Philae – Island of Agilika, Egypt

Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to a few Egyptian gods including the crocodile-headed god Sobek – Kom Ombo, Egypt

Column-lined entrance to the Temple of Kom Ombo – Kom Ombo, Egypt

Relief of crocodile-headed god Sobek, Temple of Kom Ombo – Kom Ombo, Egypt

Outer mud-brick walls and first pylon of the Temple of Horus – Edfu, Egypt

Granite statue of the falcon god Horus, Temple of Horus – Edfu, Egypt

Temple of Khnum, dedicated to the Egyptian ram-headed god thought to have created mankind out of clay using a potter’s wheel – Esna, Egypt

Columns from the hypostyle hall with floral capitals, the Temple of Khnum – Esna, Egypt

The ram-headed god Khnum and the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, Temple of Khnum – Esna, Egypt

Ram-headed sphinxes line the courtyard entrance to Karnak Temple – Luxor, Egypt

Colossus of 19th Dynasty King Ramesses ll with one of his daughters standing on his feet, Karnak Temple – Luxor, Egypt

Temple of 18th Dynasty King/Queen Hatshepsut (1473-1458 BC), Deir al-Bahri – Thebes, Egypt

Upper terrace with Osiride statues of King/Queen Hatshepsut, Hatshepsut Temple, Deir al-Bahri – Thebes, Egypt

Relief of celestial cow (the goddess Hathor), Hatshepsut Temple, Deir al-Bahri – Thebes, Egypt

Colossal statues of 19th Dynasty King Ramesses ll guard the entrance to Luxor Temple – Luxor, Egypt

Avenue of sphinxes, Luxor Temple – Luxor, Egypt

Temple of 19th Dynasty King Seti l (1294-1279 BC) dedicated to the god Osiris – Abydos, Egypt

Chapel relief of the king making an offering to Osiris, god of the underworld, Temple of Seti l – Abydos, Egypt

King List (inscribed cartouches chronicling 76 rulers of Ancient Egypt), Temple of Seti l – Abydos, Egypt

Temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor – Dendara, Egypt

  Hypostyle hall with Hathor-headed columns, Temple of Hathor – Dendara, Egypt

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