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Khumbu Peaks and Valleys

Among the unexpected joys of a trek to the south base camp of Mount Everest is the spectacular scenery.  Though an up-close view of the highest mountain in the world (29,035 feet) may be the trekker’s ultimate goal, the numerous “majestic” peaks and river valleys encountered along the way truly make this journey unforgettable. Below are some examples.

1.5Dll*b8714MajesticPeaks(7.5x5,cpywrt)Kangtega (22,251 feet) and Thamserku (21,729 feet) with prayer flags – Khumbu Region, Nepal

2.5Dll*b8929Kwangde(7x5x5,cpywrt)Kwangde Massif (20,269 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

3.5Dll*b9159AmaDablam(7.5x5,cpywrt)Ama Dablam (22,349 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

4.5Dll*b9638LhotseSunset(7.5x5,cpywrt)Lhotse (27,029 feet) at sunset – Khumbu Region, Nepal

5.5Dll*b8519Lhotse-NuptseValley(7.5x5L5,cpywrt)View of Everest Range from above the Dudh Koshi River – Khumbu Region, Nepal

6.5Dll*b9722ViewEastDingboche(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Chhukung Valley and surrounding peaks – Khumbu Region, Nepal

7.+5Dll*b9738LhotseFromDingboche(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Chola Khola Valley and surrounding peaks – Khumbu Region, Nepal

8.5Dll*c0891Lobuche(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Lobuche River – Khumbu Region, Nepal

9.5Dll*b9819Kangtega&Thamser(7.5x5,cpywrt)Pheriche Valley – Khumbu Region, Nepal

10.5Dll*b9831Cholatse&ArakamTse(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Chola Khola Valley and surrounding peaks – Khumbu Region, Nepal

11.5Dll*b9906KhumbuGlacier(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Khumbu Glacier and surrounding peaks – Khumbu Region, Nepal

12.5Dll*c0719Pokalde(7.5x5,300r,cpywrt)Pokalde (19,049 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

13.5Dll*c0003ViewTholkaPass(7x3,150r,labels,cpywrt)View of southeast peaks from Thuklha Pass – Khumbu Region, Nepal

14.5Dll*c0223EverestRange(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Peaks above the Khumbu Glacier – Khumbu Region, Nepal

15. 5Dll*c0169Lingtren(7.5x5,150r,cpywrtLingtren (22,029 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

16.5Dll*c0657EverestRange(7.5x5L5,cpywrt)Everest and surrounding peaks – Khumbu Region, Nepal

5Dll*b943511peaks(7.5x5,150r,cpywrtB)Nuptse Lhotse Wall – Khumbu Region, Nepal

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