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One of the most enchanting places I’ve ever visited is the Galápagos Islands.  Susan and I seldom travel as part of an organized tour but because the logistics of visiting these remote islands seemed rather daunting we booked our trip with Natural Habitat Adventures, out of Boulder, Colorado.  We were not disappointed.  In preparing for our adventure I read a number of books.  Beside those by or about Charles Darwin, one of the most interesting was by Paul Stewart, Galápagos: The Islands that Changed the World.  Like so many others who visit Galápagos for the first time, I sincerely hope to return to these captivating islands.  Below are a few photos from this marvelous adventure.

Sea Lion – Gardner Bay, Galápagos

Boardwalk – Bartolomé, Galápagos

The Nina (a delightful sixteen passenger yacht) was our home for seven nights – Galápagos  

Susan making friends with a Sea Lion pup – North Seymour, Galápagos

Marine Iguanas – Española, Galápagos

Sea Lion and Frigatebirds – Isla Lobos, Galápagos

Watching Marine Iguanas – Fernandina, Galápagos

Watching Marine Iguanas – Isla Lobos, Galápagos

Landscape – Bartolomé, Galápagos

Waved Albatross – Española, Galápagos

Waved Albatross clacking beaks – Española, Galápagos

Slumbering Sea Lions – Gardner Bay, Galápagos

Another slumbering Sea Lion – North Seymour, Galápagos

Susan and Michael with Giant Tortoise – Santa Cruz, Galápagos

Marine Iguana – Santiago, Galápagos

Blue-footed Boobies – Isla Lobos, Galápagos

Great Frigatebirds – North Seymour, Galápagos

Companions with expedition leaders Gustavo & Roberto – Santa Cruz, Galápagos

Sea Lion – North Seymour, Galápagos

Sunrise – Floreana, Galápagos

Sunset – Rábida, Galápagos

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