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Holiday Greetings 2019

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!

Hope all in all you weathered another year successfully. We did … but we’re VERY MUCH looking forward to civility returning to Washington in 2020. All of us stayed reasonably healthy: Sorrel is losing her hearing but not her appetite; Rusty and Michael are getting gray and both continue to be easily distracted; and Susan just never seems to age. Our biggest house projects this past year were the replacing of the fence (long overdue) and instillation of a fire pit. And though both were headaches at times and took months to complete, the new fence and fire pit are wonderful additions. Susan and I got to Denver a few times to visit the zoo, take in a show and rendezvous with friends. And, big for me this year was getting nationally certified as a Pickleball Coach for Adults; have already taught a few Beginning Pickleball classes at our local Recreation Center. Now I’m able to teach skiing (primarily to adults) part-time during the winter and teach Pickleball (primarily to adults) part-time during other months of the year; both activities help keep me connected to the flow of adult education. I also returned to Tanzania for a few weeks in June and backpacked with friends in Yellowstone in August (both adventures were featured in previous blog posts). On the creative side, I made six new iMovies in 2019 (easily a record). Part of the reason for this is every few months I make a travel-like presentation at our local senior center – the Laramie community is also invited. My next presentation is in January and is called “the Joy of Pickleball”. More on that shortly, but for now Sorrel, Rusty, Susan and I extend Best Wishes for 2020!  Below are a few photos from 2019.

Holiday Greetings from Susan, Sorrel, Rusty and Michael – Laramie, Wyoming

Rusty and Sorrel after recent trip to the prairie (November 2019) – Laramie, Wyoming

Susan enjoying fire pit – Laramie, Wyoming

New fence – Laramie, Wyoming

iMovie presentation at Eppson Senior Center (February 18, 2019) – Laramie, Wyoming

Black bear cub – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

iMovie made for Susan for Valentine’s Day, (February 14, 2019) – Laramie, Wyoming

Susan and Michael (May, 2018) – at Machu Picchu, Peru

iMovie presentation at Eppson Senior Center (May 20, 2019) – Laramie, Wyoming

Susan catching a piranha – Amazon River, Peru

iMovie made for June 3-17, 2019 safari to Tanzania

  Male lion – Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

iMovie made for August 13-18, 2019 backpacking adventure along the Bechler River – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Hiking companions, Bechler River Trail – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

iMovie presentation at Eppson Senior Center (October 21, 2019) – Laramie, WyomingFairy Falls – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming