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Three National Parks Collage

Greetings all,

I’ll soon return to Yellowstone for a few days and was thinking about how much joy the park provides. By now I’ve likely spent over 100 days experiencing the unique beauty and grandeur of the park (from the roadside and trails) taking thousands of photos. Also precious are the two national parks near Yellowstone where I’ve also spent a significant number of days: Grand Teton National Park, just a few miles to the south and Glacier National Park, around 350 miles to the north of Yellowstone. These three national parks truly are majestic natural treasures.


Majestic Collage1-20(7.5x5,300cpywrt)




Spring in Laramie

Greetings all,

Wyoming mystery writer C. J. Box once observed, “There was no spring in the Rockies … There was winter, summer, fall and March-through-June, which was made up of various highlights of the other three.” How true! Thus far March through May has been a steady continuation of harsh winter conditions (with plenty of road closures) sprinkled with a bit of sunshine: day after day after day shoveling heavy wet snow and then a few days enjoying some warm weather. But July is fast approaching and next month Susan and I return to the Serengeti in Tanzania. Conditions could always be worse — empathize a lot with robins this time of year — and the snow and sunshine provide excellent settings for fun photos. Below are a few examples:

1.1DX6350April'16Snowstorm(7.5x5,150cpywrt)April morning – Laramie, Wyoming

2.1DX6354Bug&SnowApr'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)April morning – Laramie, Wyoming

3.1DX6342RobbinApr'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)April morning – Laramie, Wyoming

4.5DIIc5657RobinNestMother'sDay'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)May nesting – Laramie, Wyoming

5.1DX5799PronghornSnow(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Pronghorn, April morning – Hutton Lake NWR Road, Wyoming

6.1DX5801PronghornSnow(10x3,150cpywrt)Pronghorn, April morning – Hutton Lake NWR Road, Wyoming

7.1DX6071PronghornHuttonApr'16(7.5x5,150rcpywrt)Pronghorn, April morning – Hutton Lake NWR Road, Wyoming

8.1DX6123CanadaGooseApr'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Canada geese, April morning – Hutton Lake NWR Road, Wyoming

9.1DX6125CanadaGooseApr'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Canada geese, April morning – Hutton Lake NWR Road, Wyoming

10.1DX6256PrairieDogHuttonApr'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Black-tailed prairie dog, April morning – Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming

11.1DX5855TrapperHuttonLkMar'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Trapper, April morning – Hutton Lake NWR Road, Wyoming

12.5DIIc5604TulipsSnowMother'sDay'16(7.5x5,150cpywrt)April morning – Laramie, Wyoming