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One of the best ways to keep the spark of “wonder” alive is to travel … anywhere really as long as it’s to a new destination.  In this section I share some of my favorite travel destinations.  I must admit both Susan and I are travel junkies.  We love to travel!  We were living in Germany when we met so lots of time was spent exploring near-by European cities and countrysides; we also began vacationing in other locations such as Russia, Tunisia, Greece and Turkey.  In the past decade or so we’ve begun traveling extensively once again and those are the locations included here such as East Africa and the Galapagos Islands.  One of our favorite places (pictured above) is Mnemba Island, located on Zanzibar’s coastline, Tanzania.

The following series of photographs are included:  Asante (Thank you); East Africa Parks & Lodges; Galapagos; Hiking Our National Parks (1); Homer & Denali; Upper Missouri River.

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