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Chilean Hospitality

Greetings all,

A timely break! As many of you know Susan and I left our retirement worlds a few months ago (early fall) so a planned vacation to Chile in April helped retain focus: our desire to travel and continue exploring this wondrous world. Chile did not disappoint. We began thinking about visiting Chile back in 2010 after a trip to Ecuador: our first real experience of South American culture and landscape. Chile especially attracted us because of its shape and interesting scenery: a very narrow stretching topography bordered by the dry heat of the Atacama Desert to the north, the frigid Strait of Magellan to the south, the majestic Andes Mountains to the east and the dramatic Pacific Ocean to the west. (The country extends nearly 3,000 miles north to south but less than a hundred miles east to west). Though initially we planned a month long travel from north to south in Chile (and visit Robinson Crusoe Island) we decided two weeks would have to do: a few days in the capital city of Santiago (located in the center of the country, sort of), four days in the lake country of Puerto Varas and five days in picturesque Torres del Paine National Park. And it was grand! Wonderful people, wonderful sights, wonderful food and drink, and wonderful weather. We are already planning a return visit; we may even finally retire there. Below are a few photos (plan to add more to the blog as time allows).

5Dll*d8544Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Waterfront, Lago Llanquihue – Puerto Varas, Chile

5Dll*d8604Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Lago Llanquihue and volcanos – Puerto Varas, Chile

5Dll*d8849Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Volcan Orsono – Puerto Varas, Chile

5Dll*d8896Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Volcan Calbuco – Puerto Varas, Chile

5Dll*d9151Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Country side near Puerto Varas – Chile

5Dll*e0776Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Gray Glacier – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1812Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Rio Paine Falls – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1578Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Guanaco – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1014Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Lago del Toro – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1879Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Susan with guanacos – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1503Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Sunset Lago Sarmiento РParque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1180Chile'14(7.5x5,cpywrt)Hike to the base of Las Torres – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1369Chile'14(7.5x5,150rr)Base of Las Torres – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile

5Dll*e1373Chile'14(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Base of Las Torres – Parque National Torres del Paine, Chile