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Just Returned From Egypt (April 9, 2012)

Just returned from 13 days in Egypt.  Though I briefly visited Cairo in the summer of 1970 and spent a morning at the Giza pyramids I didn’t really appreciate it.  This visit was different.  Susan and I feel extremely fortunate to have recently traveled sections of the River Nile and experienced firsthand the rich culture it helped create and maintain.  Below are a few photos – more will be added to permanent sections of the blog.

The Great Pyramid and Pyramid of Khafre – Giza Plateau (with the city of Cairo in the background), Egypt

Leading a camel – Giza Plateau, Egypt

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid – Giza Plateau, Egypt

Bridges linking Cairo to Giza over the River Nile (sunrise) – Egypt

Feluccas on the River Nile- Aswan, Egypt

Hathor-headed columns – Temple of Denderah, Egypt

Village along the River Nile – Upper Egypt

Nubian girl — Elephantine Island, Egypt

Wall art from the Mastaba of Ti – Sakkara, EgyptStatue of Ramses ll, Temple of Luxor (evening lights) – Luxor, Egypt

Abercrombie & Kent tour companions exploring the Temple of Karnak – Luxor, Egypt

Sunrise on the River Nile – Upper Egypt