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Pet Photos

Below are a few of my favorite pet photos:

1DMkll0300AndyMudMagnet'05(7.5x5,cpywrt)Andy – Laramie, Wyoming1DMkllb6563Rusty6weeks(7.5x5,cpywrt)Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming 1DMkllb9557SorrelLeaping'07(7.5x5,cpywrt)Sorrel – Laramie, Wyoming 1DMkllb9560RustyJumping'07(7.5x5,cpywrt)Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming 1DMkllb9629Sorrel&Rusty'07(7.5x5,cpywrt)Sorrel & Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming 5D0034AndyChristmas'06(7.5x5,cpywrt)Andy – Laramie, Wyoming 5D9611SorrelChristmas'07(7.5x5,cpywrt)Sorrel – Laramie, Wyoming

5Dll*c3028TrapperSnowMar'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Trapper – Laramie, Wyoming

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