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Something Special About East Africa

Greetings!  In the morning Susan drives me to Fort Collins where I catch the shuttle to Denver International Airport.  My flight (destination Nairobi, Kenya) departs early Sunday morning.  If all goes well, Monday evening I should be sipping a gin and tonic with my traveling buddy Curtis at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi.  This is a very special trip organized with my friend John Kambutu – 11 guests are participating in a two-week adventure that we’re all quite excited about.  After spending a few days in Nairobi, we visit a variety of national parks and game reserves (Samburu, Mt Kenya, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, and Lake Naivasha) and meet a variety of local peoples along the way.  You can read the description elsewhere in the blog.  Susan will stay home with the pooches (a return trip is planned to the Serengeti for my 70th birthday).  Below are a few composite images but you can find other photographs in the blog (African Wildlife Safari, East Africa Parks and Lodges, Great Migration).  Hope you’re well and I’ll be back in touch in early July.   This is my sixth trip to East Africa … there truly is something special about this part of the world!



Catching Up

Greetings!  May was a busy month.  It began with a trip to San Francisco where we visited my mom and sister; spent time with some close friends; and Susan successfully ran the Divas Half Marathon in Burlingame.  Then it was off to Idaho and Yellowstone with Nancy and Steve.  When we returned to Laramie it was back to winter for a bit and then some R&R in Denver.  Now the weather is great, the dogs are healthy (though Trapper tore a nail in his paw), the road over the Snowies is open (we picnicked there a few days back), the wildflowers are beginning to bloom, and it is feeling a lot like summer.  Hope you’re well and stay in touch.  Below are a few photos … just realized I spent lots of time close to water.

1.5Dll*c5530GoldenGateMay'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

2.5Dll*c4964HalfMoonBay'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Pacific Ocean – Half Moon Bay, California

3.5Dll*c4906HalfMoonBay'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Walking the beach with Dale – Half Moon Bay, California

4.5Dll*c5395DivaHalf'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Susan completing the Divas Half Marathon – Burlingame, California

5.5Dll*c5695SpringerSculptures(7.5x5,cpywrt)Springer Spaniels scrap metal sculptures by Amiot & Laurent, Marimar Estates – Sebastopol, California

6.5Dll*c6041RedwoodsMay'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve – California State Parks

7.5Dll*c6442IdahoTetons'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)View of the Tetons from the west – near Victor, Idaho

8.5Dll*c6481MesaFalls'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Upper Mesa Falls – Mesa Falls Recreation Area, Idaho

9.5Dll*c6585CaveFalls'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Cave Falls – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

10.5Dll*c6701BechlerFalls'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Bechler Falls – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

11.5DMkll8371TrumpSwanMay'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Trumpeter Swans, Harriman State Park – Island Park, Idaho

12.5DMkll8398BaldEagleYNPMay'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Bald Eagle – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

13.5Dll*C7175Griz&3CubsGT'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Grizzly Bear #399 with cubs – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming