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Everest Base Camp Trek

In October 2012 I joined a group of fourteen travelers to participate in an REI Adventure to Nepal to trek (and to camp) to Everest Base Camp.  For over twenty years the thought of actually seeing the highest mountain in the world intrigued me  (initially I considered registering for the Everest Marathon).  Once a decision was made to actually visit Nepal and hike to Everest Base Camp, I “googled” expedition guides and chose REI … and I am so very thankful I did.  Our trip leader Tupten Yeshi Sherpa (and many of his staff) had lead REI groups for well over a decade and their experience was clear (and certainly appreciated) throughout the 14-day trek.  The trek began after a 30-minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (elevation 9,300 feet).  From Lukla the route descended to our first camp in Phakding (8,500 feet), near a large suspension bridge over the Dudh Kosi River.  Over the next nine days we hiked about 36 miles and climbed nearly 10,000 feet.  The weather was exceptionally clear each morning, generally foggy and or cloudy each afternoon, and blessed with starry skies each night.  Temperatures fluctuated from around 20 degrees in the morning, 60-70 degrees around noon, and 10 degrees at night (generally clear and cold).  Got my first view of Mount Everest on the 4th day of our trek after leaving Namche Bazaar – hard to describe the sensation (had tears in my eyes!).  Nearly each day for the next week we had clear views of Everest as well as the other majestic peaks surrounding us.  The ascending part of the trek culminated in a visit to Base Camp (17,500 feet) — where some on Andy’s ashes were laid to rest – and to the summit of Kala Pattar (a bit over 18,000 feet): both destinations provided breathtaking views.  Then we turned around and hiked another 35 miles back to Lukla.  Below are a few photos and an article Amber Travsky wrote for the Laramie Boomerang. Everest Base Camp Trek (Amber Article)

1.5Dll*b8557 Trek'12(7.5x5,cpywrt)REI Trek to Everest Base Camp – Khumbu Region, Nepal

2.5Dll*b7778Day#1TrekMarigolds(7.5x5,cpywrt)Greeting with marigolds, Everest Base Camp Trek – Khumbu Region, Nepal

3.5Dll*b7714LuklaAirstrip(7.5x5,cpywrt)Lukla airstrip (9,350 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

4.5Dll*b7722LuklaGate(7.5x5,cpywrt)Entering Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Memorial Gate – Khumbu Region, Nepal

5.5Dll*b7816HikePhakding(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 1 Phakding (8,661 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

6.5Dll*b7850bridgeCrossing(7.5x5,cpywrt)River crossing near Phakding – Khumbu Region, Nepal

7.5Dll*b7977TrekNamche(7.5x5,cpywrt)Suspension bridge, Dudh Kosi River Valley – Khumbu Region, Nepal

8.5Dll*b7974SuspensionBridge(7.5x5,cpywrt)Suspension bridge, Dudh Kosi River Valley – Khumbu Region, Nepal

9.5Dll*b7995SuspensionBridge(7.5x5,cpywrt)Suspension bridge, Dudh Kosi River Valley – Khumbu Region, Nepal

10.5.5Dll*b8057Namche(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 2 Namche Bazaar (11,319 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

11.5Dll*b8272EverestViewHotel(7.5x5,cpywrt).Trek to Everest View Hotel near Namche Bazaar – Khumbu Region, Nepal

12.5Dll*b8324AmaDablam(7x5x5,cpywrt)View from the Everest View Hotel near Namche Bazaar – Khumbu Region, Nepal

13.5Dll*b8506TrekPhortse(7.5x5,cpywrt)Standard Base Camp trail (Everest behind left with wind plume, Ama Dablam on the right) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

14.5Dll*c1321WomanWithYaks(7.5x5,cpywrt)Yaks with driver, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

15.5Dll*b7932PorterLoad(7.5x5,cpywrt)Porter, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

16.5Dll*b8845TrekPhortse(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 3 Phortse Tenga (12,500 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

17.5Dll*b8825YakPhortse(7.5x5,cpywrt)Yak, Phortse Tenga – Khumbu Region, Nepal

18..5Dll*b8986Ama Dablam(7x5x5,cpywrt)Base Camp trail with Ama Dablam (22,349 feet) behind – Khumbu Region, Nepal

19.5Dll*b9132TrekPangboche(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 4 Pangboche (13,123 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

20.5Dll*c1314SuspensionBridge(7.5x5,cpywrt)Suspension bridge, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

21.5Dll*b9471TrekDingboche(7.5x5,cpywrt)Base Camp trail with Nuptse-Lhotse Wall behind – Khumbu Region, Nepal

22.Dll*b9600Dingboche(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 5 Dingboche (14,271 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

23.5Dll*b9712ViewFromDingboche(7.5x5,150,cpywrt)View East above Dingboche – Khumbu Region, Nepal

24.5Dll*b9722ViewEastDingboche(7.5x3,label,cpywrt) copyView Southeast above Dingboche – Khumbu Region, Nepal

25.+5Dll*b9819Kangtega&Thamser(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Pheriche Valley, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

26.5Dll*c0863Memorial&Clinic(7.5x5,cpywrt)Himalayan Rescue Association clinic and Everest Memorial sculpture, Pheriche – Khumbu Region, Nepal

27.5Dll*c0061MemorialsThoklaPass(7.5x5,cpywrt)Scott Fischer Memorial (died on Everest in May 1996), Thokla Pass – Khumbu Region, Nepal

28.5Dll*c0132Lobuche(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 6 Lobuche (16,207 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

29.5Dll*c0193Lingtren-Nuptse(7.5x2,150r,label,cpywrt)Above Lobuche, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

30.5Dll*c0995Yak&Load(7.5x5,cpywrt)Yak, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

31.+5Dll*c0161PumoriRange(7x5x5L5,cpywrt)Above Lobuche, Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

32.5Dll*c0278GoarkShep(7.5x5,cpywrt)Camp 7 Goark Shep (16,942 feet) – Khumbu Region, Nepal

33.5Dll*c0272Crowds(7.5x5,cpywrt)Trekkers approach Everest Base Camp – Khumbu Region, Nepal

34.5Dll*c0559KalaPattarTrekEverest(7.5x5,cpywrt)Mount Everest (center with wind plume) from Kala Pattar – Khumbu Region, Nepal

9.5Dll7832BaseCamp(7.5x3,cpywrt)Everest Base Camp (17,598 feet)Khumbu Region, Nepal

36.5Dll*c0413AvalencePeople(7.5x5,cpywrt)Khumbu Icefall, Everest Base Camp – Khumbu Region, Nepal

37.5Dll*c0428GroupEverestBC(5x7,300r,cpywrt) copyREI group, Everest Base Camp – Khumbu Region, Nepal

38.5Dll*c0437AndyAshes&EverestBC(5x7,300,cpywrt) copyThupten Yeshi Sherpa (REI Trip leader) says a prayer while I spread some of Andy’s ashes at Everest Base Camp – Khumbu Region, Nepal

6.5Dll*c0440Andy&PrayerFlagsEveresrBC(5x7,100r,cpywrt)Andy’s photo with prayer flags, Everest Base Camp – Khumbu Region, Nepal

40.5Dll*b9530REIStaff(7.5x5,cpywrt)Trip leader Thupten and some of the REI staff, Everest Base Camp trail – Khumbu Region, Nepal

41.5Dll*c1956REIGroupNepal(7.5x5,cpywrt)    REI Everest Base Camp trekkers, October 2012 – Lukla, Nepal

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