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Best Wishes 2014

Best wishes to you all,

Hard to believe I’ve been on the job nearly three months (four months for Susan).  We’ve been busy but not a lot to report.  The holidays seemed short but we did do some fun stuff: a college tree decoration party, Christmas day with the pooches, and a New Year celebration (managed to stay up long enough to watch the ball drop in NYC). 

Due mostly to work and car problems, the poor kids haven’t had many outings recently.  But the dogs are working with us.  Their car (our nearly 14 year old jeep) finally broke down (over two weeks in the repair shop so definitely no visits to the prairie).  We eventually sold it and leased a new black jeep (it arrived Wednesday) so Trapper, Sorrel and Rusty are quite excited.  During the holidays we did get the kids out for a run in the snow, which they thoroughly enjoyed (a few photos are shared below.) 

Last week I returned to Houston for my annual post treatment checkup and all is well (a very nice beginning to the new year).  Future trips/adventures are still a go so Susan and I are preparing for Chile in April and Moab in August; we’ve also begun planning a November 2015 trip to Vietnam and Cambodia (my sister may join us).  Ed and I are also planning to visit Churchill Canada in November to spend some time with and photograph polar bears.  So, things are going well.  Hope they’re going well for you too!

Happy New Year!


P.S.  I am planning to take lots more photos this year 🙂

1.5Dllc1071Christmas'13Wreath(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Holiday greeting – Laramie, Wyoming

2.5Dllc0202TreeDecorationChristmas'13(7.5x5,150cpywrtHoliday tree decoration party, UW College of Education – Laramie, Wyoming

3.5Dllc0617DogOrnamentsChristmas'13(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Christmas tree ornaments – Laramie, Wyoming

3b.5Dllc0385Susan&TrapperChristmas'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Susan and Trapper preparing treats for the birds – Laramie, Wyoming

4.5Dllc0702Rusty&LamchopChrist'13(7.5x150cpywrt)Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming

5.5Dllc0626SorrelChristmas'13(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Sorrel – Laramie, Wyoming

6.5Dllc0899KidsDecOutting'13(7.5x3,150cpywrtSorrel, Trapper and Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming

7.5Dllc1024Rusty&TrapperDecOutting'13(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Trapper and Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming

8.5Dllc0904TrapperDecOutting'13(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Trapper – Laramie, Wyoming

9.5llc0764SorrelSnow'13(5x7.5,150cpwrit)Sorrel – Laramie, Wyoming

10.5Dllc0983TrapperDecOutting'13(7.5x5,cpywrt)Trapper – Laramie, Wyoming

11.5Dllc1042RustyDecOutting'13(7.5x5,150cpywrt)Rusty – Laramie, Wyoming