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Happy Spring

Happy Spring!

At long last, the BIG snow seems behind us.

You may have read about 2 feet of snow we endured a few weeks back (photos below). But, our local ski area did benefit from all the snow, reaching a 100inch base; I managed 37 days teaching skiing this winter (below is a photo of a trio of instructors). And, our tulips are beginning to emerge BUT probably a big mistake — late April early May snows still likely. Most summer travel on hold for another year so still have too much time on my hand. Included are five recent YouTube videos. The most recent “Celebration of Travel” is the video I had in mind March 2020 (beginning of Covid isolation) when my first YouTube video was constructed. Hope you enjoy the videos and our paths cross again soon; and stay healthy!

Spring Snow, March 2021 — Laramie Wyoming
Spring Snow, March 2021 — Laramie Wyoming
Spring Snow, March 2021 — Laramie Wyoming
3 Ski School Instructors, April 2021 — Mountain Sports School, Snowy Range
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  1. Martin Agran #

    Hi, Michael. Thanks for sending. I of course have seen all of these videos except for the most current one. I am still skiing at Alpine Meadows where I worked 45+ years ago. All is well with Betty and me. We just spent a few days bicycling in Sonoma County—really pretty country. Enjoyed seeing you when I visited but regret that I could not stay longer.
    Take care,

    Sent from my iPhone

    April 25, 2021

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