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Sad News

Greetings all,

Unfortunately this blog shares sad news: my mom, who was 95-years-of-age, passed quietly Saturday, November 18th. Fortunately my sister Donna and I spent some family time with her just two weeks ago. A few of you knew my mom and might recall her ever present smile and positive disposition. Last year Donna and I assembled and shared with mom a photo collage featuring family, friends and moments from her rich long life; she seemed to enjoy it. Both the collage and a brief obit are included below. She’ll be missed! Mom Obituary (Nov 21 2017)






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  1. Denise Sharp #

    ‘Tis always sad when the mothers we dearly love pass on to eternity. I cry to think it is now your turn to experience this loss in your life. I always felt you and I are kindred spirits but didn’t realize one of the many connections you and I have in addition to the week’s difference in our birth dates is the same similarity in our mothers’ birth dates: for your mother June 29, 1922, and my mother July 9, 1922. In addition they both lived to see their ninetieth decade: 95 and 90 respectively. And then the last calendric similarity is that the month of their deaths came in November and October respectively…sadly for me my mom died five years ago on October 5, 2012. I am happy for you and your sister that you were able to spend five more years with your mother. I can assure you that a day will not go by that there will not be something that makes you think of her and will often bring tears to your heart and and soul and eyes. With all that said, our condolences go out to you and your family, Michael. Consider yourself hugged tightly and of course loved❤️🙏🏻🌈

    November 21, 2017

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