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Indochina Adventure

For many years Indochina was high on our To-Visit List though we were unsure which countries to include. We decided on Vietnam and Cambodia and glad we did! (Thanks to two very special friends who agreed to house and dog sit (Karen and Gary) we had no worries about being away from home for nearly three weeks.) Our Vietnam itinerary included a few days in Hanoi, a few nights sleeping on a private junket boat while cruising Halong Bay, two days in Saigon where we had the opportunity to explore the Cu Chi tunnels with a Viet Cong veteran, and our initial seven-day journey on the Mekong River. Our Cambodia itinerary began on the Mekong River with visits to fishing villages, small communities and numerous temples, and included visits to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Not really sure what to expect in Vietnam and Cambodia, what we found was both charming and disturbing: charming in its glimpses of city and village life as well as the natural beauty of Halong Bay and the Mekong River; disturbing in the numerous remembrances of the Vietnam war (referred to as the American War by many Vietnamese) and the three year, eight month and twenty day brutality of the Khmer Rouge government in Cambodia (1975-1979). Highlights of the trip included wonderful accommodations (thanks to our tour agent Kate at Jacada Travel), old Hanoi, the tranquility of Halong Bay, staff of the boat, Aqua Mekong, numerous friends we made, and the majesty, beauty and mystery surrounding Angkor Temples. Below are a few photos.

1.5DII*g6997AngkorWatLotus(b7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Lotus blossoms in moat – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

2.5DII*g0509HalongBay(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Halong Bay, Vietnam

3.5DIIc5124KampongChhnangMekongR.(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Sunrise Tonle Sap River – Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

4.5DII*gf9620HanoiPark(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Sunbeam Bridge, Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi Vietnam

5.5DII*f9788Hanoipark(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Park, Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi Vietnam

6.5DII*g0346Hanoi(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Street scene, Old Quarter – Hanoi Vietnam

7.5DII*g0376Hanoi(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Street scene, Old Quarter – Hanoi Vietnam

8.5DII*g0426RdtoHalongBay(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Rice field – Road to Halong Bay, Vietnam

9.5DII*g0574HalongBay(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Fishing boat – Halong Bay, Vietnam

10.5DII*g0726HalongBay(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Halong Bay, Vietnam

11.5DII*g2080CuChiTunnel(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Cu Chi Tunnel – Near Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

12.5DII*g2849AquaMekong(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Aqua Mekong river ship – Mekong River, Cambodia

13.5DII*g3450FloatingMarketMekongR(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Floating market – Mekong River, Cambodia

14.5DIIc5231KampongChhnangCambodia(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Cutting rice stalks – Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

15.5DII*g5672ChildrenKohChen(7.5x5,300rcpywrt)Children playing – Koh Chen, Cambodia

16.5DII*g6863AngkorWat(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Lily pond reflection, Angkor Wat Temple – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

17.5DII*g6412TaProhm(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Ta Prohm Temple – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

18.5DII*g6432TaProhmRAW(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Carving, Ta Prohm Temple – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

19.5DII*g6487TaProhmRAW(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Carving, Ta Prohm Temple – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

20.5DII*g6815BayonTemple(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Bridge entrance, Bayon Temple – Angkor Thom, Cambodia

21.5DII*g6729BayonTemple(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Bayon Temple – Angkor Thom, Cambodia

22.5DII*g6830AngkorWat(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Processional causeway, Angkor Wat Temple – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

23.5DII*g6795BayonTemple(7.5x5,150rrcpywrt)Susan and Michael, Byon Temple – Angkor Thom, Cambodia

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  1. Fujuan #

    Thanks for the update, Michael! So nice to hear you and Susan had a wonderful time in Vietnam and Cambodia. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos! Quite a glimpse of South east of Asia. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!! — Fujuan 🙂

    November 24, 2015

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