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Sea Change


In my last blog posting I mentioned Susan returned to work, well now I did too.  This opportunity occurred under extremely troubling circumstances happening at the university and in my old college.  I’ve accepted an appointment as interim dean of the college for a period not to exceed twenty months (i.e., no later than the end of June 2015) or when a new dean is appointed – whichever comes first.  Susan and I are still shaking our heads — retirement was nice for both of us but opportunities happen.  As interim dean my job is much much easier than that of a dean whose contract with the university often includes an extensive “to-do” list.  To date, my to-do list includes only one thing: to support and to reassure students, staff and faculty that they made a good decision in choosing to study or work in our college.  That’s not bad.  Below is a collage I  just completed … designing it provided much needed relief.

Stay warm,



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  1. That sounds like a goal worthy of you and vital enough to retire you from retirement. No one could possibly be better. Best of luck to you. The new collage poster is beautiful! Happy holidays to you and Susan.

    November 23, 2013
  2. Matt Caires #

    You’re simply too much of an asset for the college living in Laramie and having so much leadership/vision to offer. UW is lucky that you’ve agreed to take on this charge and to get the ship righted. All the best as you step into this next adventure!

    December 1, 2013
  3. Ellen Petrick #

    Michael, I had heard how bad things were, and was glad to hear you were stepping in. I know you will do good. Love the collage and its motto.

    December 2, 2013

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