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Greetings all,

A few days ago I mentioned we’ve a new addition to the family: Trapper.  He came to us via a Springer Spaniel Rescue group/ Rocky Mountain Region.  Apparently Trapper (his previous family named him Trigger) and a brother (Cody) were taken to a shelter when their family needed to move and could no longer provide for them.  Seems brother Cody was a bit of a handful and is still looking for a new home somewhere in Colorado but Trapper (i.e., Trigger) was moved to Laramie … where Susan discovered him.  What a dear!  He’s about 9 years old and has a wonderful mellow personality; he also has a fascination with watching TV.  The twins have adjusted well to Trapper – perhaps they still missed their uncle Andy who passed a few moths ago.  We’ve named him Trapper (it’s close enough to Trigger not to confuse him too much we hope) because years ago our friends Ed and Candy had a very personable Springer Spaniel named Trapper and it’s sort of a tribute to that wonderful dog!  Below are a few photos. 

More soon,


Trapper (9 year old English Springer Spaniel)

Trapper (9 year old English Springer Spaniel)

Trapper (9 year old English Springer Spaniel)

Susan and Trapper

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  1. Denise Sharp #

    I can see why/how Susan fell for the big guy…Denise

    November 7, 2012
  2. Fujuan #

    He is adorable!! I particularly like his hair style. –Fujuan

    November 7, 2012
  3. Lee Grant #

    Have the twins told him about Uncle Lee?

    November 7, 2012

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