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This post is intended primarily for those of you who have either run or played with Andy over the years.  Andy was our oldest Springer spaniel (he would have been 13 in August) but during the past few weeks both his kidneys and back legs weakened, limiting him to brief walks to the park but that has also become difficult.  Yesterday Susan and I took Andy to Chappelle Small Animal Hospital in Fort Collins and with the assistance of their wonderful staff he died quietly in our arms.  He was a wonderful companion and we already miss him a lot!  As do Rusty and Sorrel (our two six year old spaniels), they seem to have sensed for some time that their uncle was quite sick.  It is so very hard to lose such a sweet and loyal friend BUT he brought us so much joy that we actually feel quite blessed — many fond memories that continue to make us smile especially his propensity for and skill at stealing toilet paper from the bathroom, he truly was a toilet paper junkie.  These past few weeks we’ve tried to do all the things he loved: walks (when he could) on the prairie, wading in the water at Crow Reservoir (he was an excellent swimmer), tenting outside in the backyard, adding chicken to his supper bowl, having him join us at the sunroom table for Sunday brunch (he always sat on the window bench across the table from us) and getting fed some French toast, visiting my office, drives in the car without the twins, and we even barbecued hot dogs in his honor Thursday evening – we sense he truly liked them.  We sure loved Andy and he’ll always rest in a very special place in our hearts!  Below are a few photos.

Andy playing in a pile of leaves when he was a pup

Andy was a real mud-magnet (he could always find it and then play in it)

Andy loved to run on the prairie (especially in snow)

Andy at Crow Reservoir (one of his favorite places to swim)

What Andy loved most about Christmas was playing with boxes and ribbons

Andy and Susan had an especially strong friendship

Though Andy’s body grew weak his spirit and desire remained strong (this photo was taken two days before he died)

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  1. Dale Green #

    Lee and I feel very blessed that we had the opportunity to spend time with Andy last summer. He was a true beauty and we are sorry for your loss. Embracing you and Susan with hugs.

    June 17, 2012
  2. Paul Taylor #

    I will miss him too. Andy, a beautiful soul!!!!!! The shots are a fabulous tribute Michael. All my love to you M&S. Paul

    June 17, 2012
  3. Lee #

    I will always remember Andy’s howls of joy on the way to the dog run.

    June 17, 2012
  4. Matt #

    Oh, great photos. I will miss Andy very much. Such great memories with him out on the prairie running in dry wyoming powder…

    June 28, 2012

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